Why Do We Exist as a Church?

Joel recently conducted a text message poll. Here are the responses to the question: "Why do we exist as a church?"

To share Christ with the world

Fellowship, to help each other grow and to keep accountability.  It says where two or more are gathered, the Spirit of God is there also

To get to heaven and take as many to heaven as possible

To encourage and build each other up

To gain strength through communion

To have encouragement from other believers so we don’t stray

To encourage each other (iron sharpening iron), to hold each other accountable, and to equip us to reach the world around us as salt and light for God’s purpose

To be able to form the body, to work together to spread the gospel, to encourage and build up, and to not feel alone or isolated

When God looks down at us, he sees a family.  Church is how we come together to love each other and Him

To be united and to have fellowship, partake of communion, and to have a family

To praise God

To demonstrate the body of Christ to the world – to be His hands, feet, and mind to each other and as a message to unbelievers

To encourage and build each other up in Christ

As a constant encouragement to fellow Christians

To fellowship; to draw and encourage each other in Christ

Worship, fellowship, learn, serve, not necessarily in that order

Ecc 4:9-12, Prov 27:17, Hebrews 10:24-25, Gal 6:2, Matthew 28:19-20

Fellowship, encouragement

To carry on the message of Christ

We exist as a church because we need something to believe in.  As humans, we don’t do well without support in our cause or belief, whatever it may be.  If we tried to do the whole Christian thing on our own we would fail, all because one word or seed of doubt from someone who may be important to us

To praise God and the breaking of bread to remember what God has done for us

For God’s glory and to be the called out ones that are saved

To support each other as we have abilities

To reflect and share the love of Christ

To collectively worship and know God and know others of like mind; and it is commanded

To lean on each other and work together to reach the world for God’s purpose

We appreciate what Jesus did for us

We exist individually to praise God, and to show that by doing His will on earth.  We exist as a church to support one another in this

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